PureDefense Chewables
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PureDefense Chewables

SKU#: Rally-Pure-015910
120 Chewable Tablets
2 Months Supply
PureDefense chewables are a comprehensive blend of nutrients and herbal extracts designed to support immune function in a convenient, great-tasting, chewable tablet.
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PureDefense Chewables supports overall immune defense and provides enhanced support for upper respiratory health in a great-tasting chewable tablet.

  • IMMUNE HEALTH: Supports first-line immune defense
  • ENHANCED IMMUNITY: EpiCor® Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentate contains numerous immune enhancing bioactive metabolities designed to support both innate and adaptive immune response
  • RESPIRATORY HEALTH: EpiCor® supports upper respiratory health
  • TABLET: Convenient, great-tasting, chewable tablet
  • PURE INGREDIENTS: What makes us different isn’t just our process or what goes into our supplements – what we leave out matters, too. That’s why Pure Encapsulations products are formulated with high quality, premium ingredients and FREE FROM unnecessary additives and many common allergens.
EpiCor saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentate contains numerous immune enhancing bioactive metabolites designed to support both innate and adaptive immune response. Elderberry extract provides powerful immune enhancing anthocyanins, flavonoids and other polyphenols. Studies have shown statistically significant immune support in all ages. Quercetin maintains healthy mast cell function by supporting healthy enzyme activity. Zinc and vitamin C, provided as the non-acidic enhanced retention Ester-C, helps promote immune defense by supporting immune cell proliferation, activation and function, as well as healthy antioxidant enzyme function.
Each serving size (2 chewable tablets) contains: Vitamin C (from calcium ascorbate) 30 mg, Calcium (from calcium ascorbate) 3 mg, Zinc (as zinc citrate) 7.5 mg, EpiCor dried yeast fermentate complex (from Saccharomyces cerevisiae) 125 mg, European elder (elderberry) (Sambucus nigra) extract (fruit) 100 mg, Quercetin dihydrate 30 mg.
Other ingredients: xylitol, cellulose, natural cherry and vanilla flavors, magnesium silicate, silica, luo han guo (Momordica grosvenorii) extract (fruit).